Coping with Heartburn During Pregnancy

Coping with Heartburn
How to Feel Relief when you eat as follow:
.    Eat slowly.
.    Eat 5 or 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones.
•    Do not eat before going to bed.
•    Eat small portions of meats at one time.
•    Drink fluids between meals rather than with meals.
•    Take sips of water, milk, or a spoonful of yogurt.
•    Always wear clothing that is loose around your waist.

Stay Away from Foods that Can Cause Heartburn!

Stay away from foods that make nausea worse:

Water you drink: Only use tap water or spring water (like arrowhead spring water, evian, Perrier, Plegrino) DO not use distilled or Purified or manufacture water since most of them are acidic (niaggra, Dasani, …)

Food you eat:   Always use organic food since you don’t want hormone or antibiotic in your food most of non organic food have corticosteroid which can cause acid reflux  whi

High-fat, fried foods and dishes with heavy spicy sauces such as: Greasy, Spicy foods, like Chile or salsa, Pizza, Sausage, Garlic, Oregano, Tomato sauces, Coffee (decaf and caffeinated), Chocolate, Citrus fruits, juices
Keep away from stale odors, strong cooking odors, smoke, cleaning fluids, paints, perfumes, or other scents.
Do not use coffee, cigarettes, Carbonated beverages and alcohol since they can upset your stomach
Stay away from crowded places and areas with poor air circulation.
Do not eat foods that can cause gas like garlic, oregano, onion and bell pepper.

Ideas to Help You Feel Better:
Get plenty of fresh air. Open windows, use fans. Take a brisk walk outdoors
Get up slowly in the morning
Put crackers, fruit or fruit juices near your bed. Take a few bites before getting up.
Take fluids at least one-half hour before or after mealtime.
Sip small amounts of liquid as often as you can
Add water to juices (apple, grape, mango, punch, lemonade), or make broth or noodle soups. Try snack foods like nuts, string cheese, crackers, dried fruits, trail-mix, sandwiches,
Eat small amounts every two or three hours, day or night. Eat, even if you are not hungry.
Eat a bedtime snack which contains a protein food such as egg, cheese, meat, peanut butter, or yogurt.
Decide which foods sound good to you. Try some of these snacks: Ice cream, Breads, Yogurt Dry Cereal , Crackers Berries
Listen to your body’s food cravings. If the only foods that taste good or keep you from vomiting are “junk foods,” then eat them. You may need to cut back on these once nausea is gone.

When you rest

•    Sit upright after meals.
•    Wait at least two hours after eating before lying down.
•    Sleep or rest with your head lifted up. Use extra pillows under your shoulders
To prop you up

•    Exercise may help to relieve heartburn,
•    Try taking a slow walk or sitting quietly and breathing deeply.
•    Try the flying exercise:
Sit cross-legged or tailor fashion. Stretch your arms to the sides. Bring the back of
Your hands together over your head. Quickly raise and lower your arms. Try doing this ten times.

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