Emergency contraception or EC


At Sepmedical clinic we offer Oral contraceptive, Depo shot, IUD (intra uterine devices like Paragard, Skyla, Emergency contraception ie Plan-b, Vaginal ring ie nuvaring, Patches contraception, condom, spermicide, lubricant and Pills abortion or RU486 pills for free. We offer the state approved family planning program also known as sofp. With sofp you can receive services for contraception immediately and for free. Any California resident who believes that they are pregnant and whose family income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level is eligible for this program. Call now to see if you qualify.

When things don’t go the way you planned . . . It’s not too late. But don’t wait. You have 3-5 days after sex to prevent a pregnancy.

what is the cost: you can qualify for family planning program and recive this pills for free call our office to find out if you qualify 3235883800
You can still prevent pregnancy with Emergency Contraception if:
• The condom broke or slipped.
• You missed a or more birth control pills in a row.
• You’re overdue for your birth control shot.
• Your partner did not pull out in time.
• You had sex with no birth control method.
Sometimes things happen.
Maybe you had sex without any birth control method. Maybe your birth control method didn’t work.
It’s not too late to keep from getting pregnant. You can use Emergency Contraceptive (EC) Pills.
Take EC pills right away. Don’t wait.
• Take EC pills as soon as you can after you had sex.
• EC pills will help keep you from getting pregnant
• Take them within 3-5 days after sex. EC pills cannot end a pregnancy if it has already started.
It is not the abortion pill.
Here’s how to take EC pills.You can take EC pills in two ways:
• You can take pills packaged just for EC, like Preven® or Plan B.

The pill Ella from HRA Pharma reduces the chance of pregnancy up to five days after sex. Plan B, the most widely used emergency contraceptive pill, begins losing its ability to prevent pregnancy within three days of sex.
• You can take pills from a birth control pack in special doses,
EC pills work best the sooner you take them.
• Take the first dose right away. It’s best to take it within 12 hours after sex.
• Take the second dose 12 hours after you take the first dose.EC pills are safe to use. Some women may feel sick or tired for a few days.
How do EC pills work? EC pills work in different ways. They may:
• Keep the egg from leaving the ovary.
• Keep the sperm from meeting the egg.
• Keep the egg from attaching to the uterus.
How well do EC pills work?
EC pills lower the chances of getting pregnant after sex. You must take them no later than 3 to 5 days after sex.
EC pills are only for an emergency. They don’t keep working for sex that happens after you take them. Talk to a health care provider about how to start using or keep using a regular birth control method
Take care of yourself. Get a regular birth control method. There are many to choose from. Find a method that will work for you.
Use condoms every time you have sex. This can help protect you from the diseases you could get from having sex.
Ask for EC pills to keep on hand. Then you’ll be ready in case you need EC pills in an emergency.

The most common side effects with the drug included headache, nausea and abdominal pain.