ATHLETES FOOT AND NAIL FUNGUS TREATMENT:The fungal problems seen most often are athlete’s foot and fungal nails. A fungus is a common mold that thrives in dark, warm, moist areas. On the feet, it can grow on and between toes, as well as on soles and toenails. Fungal problems can be result of environment (socks, shoes, heat, and humidity) or weakened immunity (disease such as diabetes). Chronic fungal infections are adults, while acute fungal infections are seen often on children.

ATHLETE’S FOOT A chronic infection caused by various types of fungus, athlete’s foot is often spread in places where people go barefoot, such as public showers or swimming pools. The condition ranges from mild scaling and itching to painful inflammation and blisters. usually starts between the toes or on the arch and may spread to the bottom and sides of the foot.(TREATMENT: Local anti-fungal cream usually will cure it.)

FUNGAL NAILS When a fungal infection progresses, it may infect one or more nails, turning them yellow, green, black, or other colors. Fungal nail infections can cause nail thickening, inflammation, or sensitivity.



There is no local treatment effective for nail fungus infection. Although nonyx can clear the fungus nail and make it clear
Treatment is only by oral pills (one week in month) for at least 6 months (finger Nails)- 12 months ( Toe Nails) depending on which nails are involved .


DR. SEP recommends Lamisil 250 mg 1 time  every other day for 6-12 months for your fungus nail treatment.



Side Effect: is mild Nausea, abdominal pain, Weakness. Lamisil may cause liver function abnormality (that is the reason that your doctor will check your blood frequently while you are on this medication to make sure medication is safe for you).


What Can I Do About Fungal Problems?
Your daily habits play a big part in helping to prevent fungal problems. Follow  the suggestions below, and see your doctor if you have more problems.
Dry Carefully- Always dry your feet thoroughly after you bathe or shower. Be sure to bathe between your toes. Foot powders can also help absorb moisture.
Change Socks– Wear natural- fiber socks and change them often, especially if you play sports.
Beware of Bare Feet– Wear sandals or thongs in public areas such as pools, showers, or locker rooms.
Alternate Shoes- To help avoid fungus-causing perspiration, alternate the shoes you wear so they have at least a day to dry out. Also, try to wear shoes made of breathable materials like leather or canvas.

1. No hay tratamiento local effectivo para la infeccion del hongo.
2. Tratamiento es solo con pastillas tomadas (todos los dias o una por  mes) por 6- 12 meses.
Dependiendo en la clase de medicina que escoje.
3. DR. SEP recomienda Lamisil 250 mg, 1vez al dia cada otro dia por  6-12 meses dependiendo de su stado.
4. Efectos Secondarios: Muy poco dolor de estomago, nausia  y debilidad. Lamisil puede causar dano en el hijado. (por eso es recomendable examines de sangre quando esta en medicametios.

Que puedo hacer sobre el problema del hongo?
Sus habitos diarios juegan gran parte en ayudar a prevenir los problemas de        hongos. Sigua las recomendaciones suigientes y vea a su doctor si tiene mas problemas.
Seque sus pies con mucho cuidado- Siempre sequelos despues del bano. Asegurese de lavarse entre los dedos. Talco puede ayudar a absorber humedad.
Cambie Calcetines- Elija calcetines hechas con fibras naturales, asegurese de cambiar los calsetines seguido especialmente si juega algun deporte.
Cuidado con pies delcasos- Siempre use sandalias en areas publicas como albercas, banos, y cuartos de cambio.
Zapatos Alternos- Para evitar prespiracion que causa hongo, zapatos alternos pueden ayudar para zapatos usados anterior se sequen por un dia. Trate de usar zapatos que sean hechos de material respirable como piel o canvas.