What Are Ingrown Nails?

An ingrown nail is the result of a nail growing into the skin that surrounds it. This often occurs at either edge of the big toe.

What cause it

Improper trimming, inherited nail deformities, injuries, fungal infections, or pressure may cause ingrown nails.


Ingrown nails may cause pain at the tip of the toe or the base of the toe. The pain is often worse while walking. An ingrown nail may also lead to infection or inflammation. If it’s infected, you might see pus or redness. Evaluation to determine the extent of your problem, your doctor examines and possibly palpates(presses) the painful area. If other problems are suspected, blood tests, cultures, or X-rays may be done as well.


For a partially ingrown nail, your doctor may need to remove one side or remove the total of your nail back to the cuticle. Ingrown nails may require antibiotics and temporary or permanent removal of the entire nail. To lessen pain, a local anesthetic may be used in these procedures.

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Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Likelihood of Future Ingrown Toenails

80-50% by using acid and curettage your doctor tries to kill the nail root in the ingrown part and prevent it from coming back. This is not a part of routine ingrown nail treatment, If you are interested ask your doctor to perform this procedure on you. By performing this procedure the risk of ingrown coming back will be decreased by 75% compared to 20% on regular procedures. But keep in mind that despite performing this procedure ingrown nails may come back.

What to do after surgery:


Do not wet your foot for 24 hour. After 24 hour recommend to wash your foot with warm water and hand soap two times per day. Take tetanus shot(tetanus is disease caused by bacteria u get it from cut or wound it dose not spread from person to person, its sign include painful tightening of muscle, usually all over body, it can lead to death due to stiffness of jaw and inability to eat or breath, 1 out of 5 people die despite of current advance hospital care

Tetanus shot

Take your antibiotic at least for five day + your pain medication

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If you wish that dressing do not attach to your wound use Vaseline or polysporin dressing before closing the wound . polysporin Comeback in two days for doctor re exam (its free for your convince) If you’re suffering from fungus nail infection I recommend that you start your therapy for fungus at the same day to prevent more pain and infection in future. it will cost u less if u start after nail removal since the u get only 3 month medication instead of 1year treatment


you need to have blood count and liver test prior and one month after u get lamisil

blood test needs to be done 2 times

all prices are estimate and subject to change without prior notice all prices are estimate and subject to change without prior notice FUNGAL NAILS When a fungal infection progresses, it may infect one or more nails, turning them yellow, green, black, or other colors. Fungal nail infections can cause nail thickening, inflammation, or sensitivity. FACTS ABOUT FUNGUS INFECTION ON NAILS: There is no local treatment effective for nail fungi infection Treatment is only by oral pills (every day or one week in month) for at least 6 – 12 month depending on which pills you choose. Lamisil 250 mg 1 time per day every other day for 6-12 months for your fungus nail treatment.

What Can I Do About Fungal Problems?

Your daily habits play a big part in helping to prevent fungal problems. Follow the suggestions below, and see your doctor if you have more problems. Dry Carefully– Always dry your feet thoroughly after you bathe or shower. Be sure to bathe between your toes. Foot powders can also help absorb moisture. Change Socks– Wear natural- fiber socks and change them often, especially if you play sports. Beware of Bare Feet- Wear sandals or thongs in public areas such as pools, showers, or locker rooms. Alternate Shoes– To help avoid fungus-causing perspiration, alternate the shoes you wear so they have at least a day to dry out. Also, try to wear shoes made of breathable materials like leather or canvas. If you are happy with your therapy and your medical care. Please let your friends know and let them come for therapy so I can help one more love one to live longer and happier and providing them with the best care they can have. Que Es Una Uña encarnada? Es el crecimiento de la uña dentro de la piel que la rodea. Esto ocurre muchas veces en el borde de la uña en el dedo gordo del pie. QUE CAUSA LA UNA ENCARNADA?El corte o mantenimiento en forma no apropiada puede causar este tipo de inconveniente. Sus syntomas :pueden causar dolor al borde del dedo o hasta la base del dedo. Usualmente el dolor es mas fuerte al caminar. Una uña encarnada puede causar infeccion y inflamacion. Si esta infectada, puede notar pus o rojo en la area affectada. Evaluacion- Para determinar la intesidad de su problema, su doctor debe examinar y posiblemente presione el area adolorida. Si otro problema a sido notado, examenes de sangre, cultivos, o rayos X serian necesarios. Tratamiento- Si la uña no esta infectada, su doctor puede cortar las orillas para aliviar el dolor. Para uñas parcialmente encarnadas, podria ser necesario que su doctor remueva parte de la uña encarnada hasta la base y tratar con acido la base. Infecciones severas o uñas encarnadas totalmente pueden requerir antibioticos y remover la uña entera temporal o permanente. Anestesia local es aplicada para reducir el dolor. TRATAMIENTO DE LA RAIZ DE LA UNA: Con acido su Doctor trata de quemar la raiz en la parte de la una encarnada y prevenir de que se encarne nuevamente. Esto no es tratamiento de rutina para la unas encarnadas, Si usted esta interesado digale a su doctor que haga este procedimiento en usted. Al hacer este procedimiento su porsentage de que vuelva a encarnar la una desminuye un 75% comparado a un 20% en un procedimiento regular.Pero tenga en mente que aunque Se le aplique este procedimiento puede reencarnarse la una. PODOPHLIN(ACIDO)- Que Son Uñas Gruesas? Uñas gruesas pueden ser causadas por golpes o tropezones, prescion del zapato, infecciones de hongo, o condiciones de diabetes, o enfermedades vasculares. Aventualmente, la una aflojaria y caira sola. Sintomas- aparte de lo grueso de la una es amarillosa, quebrantada, o partida. La una le puede causar dolor cuando presion se le oprime. Evaluation- desde que la una gruesa puede ser una condition medica, es importante que su doctor le examine su historial medico de infection de hongo, un cultivo pueda ser necesario. Lo grueso y amarilloso de la una deben ser examinados miniusosamente para determinar posible infection o otra condition medica. Tratamiento-si la una no tiene infection, su doctor probablemente pueda afilar la una para aserla delgada. Si su una tiene infection de hongo, medicamento oral o crema anti-hongo puedan ser necesario.Esto puede prevenir lacerationes debajo de la una y que se le infecten las demas unas. Si el dolor es demasiado la una puede ser removida.




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