At Sepmedical clinic we offer Oral contraceptive for free. We offer the state approved family planning program also known as sofp. With sofp you can receive services for contraception immediately and for free. Any California resident who believes that they are pregnant and whose family income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level is eligible for this program. Call now 323-588-3800 to see if you qualify.


All About the Birth Control Pill
The Birth Control Pill is a small pill you take every day to keep from getting pregnant.
The pill has two kinds of hormones like the ones made in a woman’s body. These hormones keep the woman’s eggs from leaving her ovaries. There are many kinds of birth control pills with different amounts of these hormones in them.
How does the Pill work?
Every day at about the same time, the woman takes one pill. That way the hormones stay at a level high enough to keep her from getting pregnant.
How well does It work?
The pill is very good at keeping women from getting pregnant.
Only about 3 women out of 100 who use the pill for a year get pregnant.
How do I get the Pill?
You must go to a doctor or clinic for an exam. You should tell the doctor or clinic worker about:any health problems you may have. any medicine you may be taking.
The clinician will help you decide if the pill is a healthy method for you to use. There are many kinds of pills. If one is not right for you. another one might be.
What do women like about using the Pill?
It does not interrupt having sex.
It does not cause any serious problems in most women.
It can help protect women from cancer of the ovaries and other diseases.
What do women dislike about it?
You must remember to take the pill every day.
Some women have problems with side effects.
The pill does not protect you from AIDS or other diseases you can get from having sex.
How do I use the pill?
Start taking your pills the first Sunday after menses
Take one pill every day until the whole pack is gone.
The pill works best if the level of hormones stays the same in your body.
Take your pills at about the same time every day.
Take them at the same time you do something you do every day, like brushing your teeth.
During the first 2 weeks you start taking the pills, use another method, like condoms and foam, every time you have sex. This will help protect you while your body gets used to the effects of the pill
What if I miss a pill?If you miss taking any of your pills, you run the chance of getting pregnant.
If you miss taking 1 pill:Take it as soon as you, remember it. Take the next pill at the regular time.
If you miss taking 2 or more: Use another method, like condoms and foam, call your clinic for advice
What about the side effects of pills?    Some side effect of  pill are:
Changes in your period, or spotting and bleeding between periods, Nausea, Breast tenderness, Mood and weight changes, Changes in sex drive, If any of these side effects bother you call us
Some women should not use the pill. There are many reasons why the pill may not be safe for you to use, for example: if you are over 35 years old and smoke, if you have had blood clots or a stroke. if you have high blood pressure or diabetes. Talk to your clinician about any health problems you may have.

    Watch for these warning signs .call your clinic right away if you have:
Sudden headaches,chills:Eye problems
Sharp, sudden pain in the leg, chest, or abdomen