Trying to Get Pregnant?
What You Should Know...

We always thought getting pregnant was easy. You just have sex, right?  Just having sex isn’t all there is to it.  Pregnancy starts when a sperm from the man’s body meets an egg in the woman’s body. Every day, millions of sperm are made in a man’s body But the woman’s egg is ready only once a month Sperm is made in a man’s body every 4 day’s in his testicles. The sperm
in  scrotum is  where they are kept cool

When the man has sex, the sperm travel through his tubes past special glands that make a liquid that mixes with the sperm. It gives sperm away to travel out of his erect penis into the woman’s vagina.
Sperm stay’s in and healthy.  Then the sperm make their way into the woman’s uterus and her tubes. If an egg is there, pregnancy can start this is whal it looks like inside. A woman is able to get pregnant only one week out of the month. A woman’s body needs time to prepare for pregnancy in very special ways.  While an egg gets ready in one of her ovaries, her uterus makes a new lining. Her cervix
makes a special kind of mucus.  This mucus helps sperm travel through her vagina into her uterus and tubes. The sperm can live there for up to five days. After the egg leaves her ovary, it moves through her tube. The egg must meet with sperm in less than 24 hours for pregnancy to start. Then the egg can begin to grow in the lining of the uterus. This is what it looks like inside. So, how can I tell when I can get pregnant?   Your body gives you many signs that tell you   when you can and can’t get pregnant.

Two of these signs are:
•changes in the mucus in your vagina
•changes in your body temperature

You can check these signs every day and record the changes on a chart. This way you can learn when you can get pregnant. It takes sonic time to learn how to check and  chart these signs.
Taking a class is a good way to start.

This is the hardest time to get pregnant.
How will my mucus change?  The mucus made in your cervix changes from day to day. You can see and feel these changes.  After your period, you may or may not see any mucus. If you see any kind of mucus right after your period is over, it may he the kind that helps you get pregnant.
As it gets closer to the time the egg will leave your ovary, your cervix makes mucus that helps sperm get into the uterus. It niay look like raw egg white. It can be stretched between your lingers.
This is the easiest time to get pregnant.
After this wet kind of mucus, you may see the sticky or dry kind. At this time, this kind of mucus blocks sperm from getting into the uterus.
How do I check my mucus?

Once you know what to look for, checking your mucus is easy.

•Start checking your mucus as soon as your period is over.

•First, wipe the outside of your vagina with a piece of toilet paper. Do you see any
mucus? How much is there?

•Then, take some mucus between your fingers. Does the mucus feel sticky and pasty or wet and slippery? Does it stretch between your fingers?

•Check your mucus each day. Record what kind it is on a chart or calendar.

By checking your mucus, you can see when you are most likely to get pregnant. The best time to get pregnant is the week you see wet mucus.  Ask your clinician or take a class to learn
more about it. The second sign you can check is your temperature. Taken after you’ve been
sleeping, it will show the changes going on inside your body. It’s simple to takeUse a digital thermometer or one that is marked by one-tenth degrees.

•Take your temperature as soon as you wake up, before you do anything else.
•Put the thermometer under your tongue for 3 minutes.
•Take it about the same time each day.
What about my temperature?

96    97    98    99    100
Read the thermometer and record your temperature on a chart.
By the time your period ends, your temperature will be low. It will stay low until about the time your egg leaves your ovary. Then it will rise by three-tenths of a degree or more. It will stay this high for the two weeks before your next period.
Take a class or see a clinician to learn more by checking your temperature, you can see these changes. The best time to get pregnant after it rises. Is while your temperature is low until just
about it.  A few words of advice…
Doctors have found that many things can make it hard for some people to have babies when they want to. Both men and women should follow this advice:

•Get a medical exam. Be sure to get checked for sexually transmitted diseases.

•Don’t drink alcohol or use other drugs.

•Don’t smoke.

•Stay away from chemicals and other dangers at work — like pesticides, gases,
and x-rays.

So, when is it easiest to get pregnant?  The easiest time to get pregnant is the week you begin to see wet mucus until just after your temperature rises.

During that week, have sex every other day. That way there will he plenty of sperm. After sex, the woman should lie flat for about 20 minutes.Remember, most likely pregnancy will happen within a year.
If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a year or more, it may be time to get some help.Ask us to see how we can help you.