Uncertain about Pregnancy?

We offer Pills abortion or RU486 pills up to 10 weeks of pregnancy and regular abortion for free. We offer the presumptive eligibility program also known as PE. With PE you can receive services for miscarriage or abortion immediately and for free. Any California resident who believes that they are pregnant and whose family income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level is eligible for this program. Call now to see if you qualify. Women often have mixed feelings when they are faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Any decision that is made—whether it is keeping the baby, having an abortion, or planning an adoption will be hard and mean changes in your life. If you are involved with the baby’s father, it may be helpful to talk with him about your feelings regarding your options. He may also have strong feelings about the pregnancy. You will actually be making two decisions if it is early in the pregnancy


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Do I want to continue the pregnancy? and Do I want to parent a child?

Ask Yourself These Questions:


You are pregnant and unsure what you want to do. If you it is still early in the pregnancy, you have three choices: keeping the baby, having an abortion, or planning an adoption. It is important to talk with a counselor about your choice. Keeping the baby is:

Abortion Is

Adoption Is

Open Adoption means

Closed/Private Adoption means

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